Sesiidae - Clear wing moths - Glasflügler
(Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

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Synanthedon polaris
, male, 16.7.1995, CH - Val da Fain n. Berninapaß, 2190 m

 Left: Franz Pühringer in biotope of S. kautzi, Spain, Prov. Granada, San Juan (Sierra Nevada), 2780 m, 4.7.2000
Right: Franz Pühringer in biotope of M. vogelii insperatus (Lycaenidae), Morocco, Haut Atlas, peak of Adrar-n-Guinnous, 2788 m, 1.7.2009

1. Checklist:

Checklist of the Sesiidae of the world:
Checklist of all described Sesiidae taxa including infrasubspecific ones.
This checklist does not comply with gender agreement any more, in line with Sommerer (2002) and Nieukerken et al. (2019).
The last version of the checklist respecting gender agreement can be accessed here. It is however outdated (17-May-2021), and will not be updated any more.

Generic Synopsis of Sesiidae:
Current systematics of Sesiidae.

2. Barcode of Life project:

Barcoding of Life - Sesiidae:
Progress of the Sesiid barcoding project.

3. Pheromones:

Pheromone attraction of clear wing moths (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) I:
Pheromones attractive to European and North African Sesiidae species.
Pheromone attraction of clear wing moths (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) II:
Time of pheromone attraction of European and North African Sesiidae species.

Composition of pheromones (Sesiidae):
Composition of Priesner and Wageningen pheromones.

Pheromone tests (Sesiidae):
Instructions for testing pheromones with European and North African Sesiidae species.

Gebrauch der Pheromonpräparate (in German).
Instructions for use of pheromones (in English).

4. Phenology of Sesiidae:

Phenology of Palearctic clear wing moths:
Occurrence of imagines in the field.

5. Biology of Sesiidae:

Biology of European and North African clear wing moths in pictures:
A lot of pictures, still under construction!

6. Distribution of Sesiidae:

Distribution of Sesiidae in Europe
Distribution of Sesiidae in Austria (in German)

7. Literature:

Literature on clear wing moths worldwide (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) A-K:
Literature on clear wing moths worldwide (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) L-Z:
4995 literature references, including zoogeographical papers with notes on Sesiidae.

8. Indexes:

Index of Lastuvka & Lastuvka: An Illustrated Key to European Sesiidae (Lepidoptera):
Index of Kudas & Reichl: Die Schmetterlinge Oberösterreichs (Vol. 1-3):
If you have been missing an index in the above mentioned books, here is it.

9. Entomologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Salzkammergut:

Vorträge im Winterhalbjahr 2013/2014
Mitteilungen der Entomologischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Salzkammergut

10. Eupithecia:

Biology, hostplants, phenology, occurence in Austria (Weigt 2006).
Eupithecia - hostplants

11. Schmetterlinge im Nationalpark Kalkalpen (Oberösterreich):

Aktuelle Artenliste
Aktuelle Artenliste mit Synonymen
Hauptflugzeiten der Großschmetterlinge
Hauptflugzeiten der Großschmetterlinge inkl. (evtl.) noch zu erwartende Arten

12. Sesiidae links:

Interesting pages in the world wide web.
Sesiidae of Europe and North Africa (including Canary Islands)
List arranged according to The Sesiidae of Europe (Lastuvka & Lastuvka 2001).
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The Pherobase
Lists of Sex Pheromones of Lepidoptera.
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Database on sex pheromones of Lepidoptera.
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